Tough Day

If you think you are having a tough day… just take a look at this story.

From Erika Brown's "The Thin Green Line" story

Last month, an executive at a cellular technology startup in Israel was called up for duty by the Israeli Reserve Army to defend the country against attacks from Hezbollah. He headed north to the border between Israel and Lebanon, also known as "The Thin Blue Line," where bombs and bullets were flying from both sides. Determined to not let the war get in the way of his business, he worked on a complex technology deal with a European equipment maker via his BlackBerry from the inside of a tank. (The soldier-slash-entrepreneur asked not to be identified because he feared his client would be angry to learn he was in battle.)

Coolest Websites

Congrats to Three-Forty clients meebo and Yelp for making Time’s 50 Coolest Website Lists.

Party Crasher...

The Journal reports that big media companies are buying up some college newspapers.

Big Media on Campus

The article goes on to talk about how these newspapers are bucking the trend and are having success in their markets. So... this begs the questions will Dean Wormer be a buzz kill.

In Vino Veritas?

“There is truth in wine.”

How often do we say things that we don’t mean when we’re not in the ‘right mind set.’ As a public figure, saying something ‘you don’t mean’ whether you're under the influence or not could cause you your career (umm Mel)—or at least a huge bludgeoning to your public image.

Can someone say or do something beyond the help of publicists? What can a public relations professional do to counter an explicit comment made toward another race, sex, religion, etc.?
Whether someone is under the influence or not, these remarks are damaging and most likely will drag that person’s reputation through the gutter a few times, and then straight down the drain.

How long does it take the public to forgive, or will they? Here are some recent examples of some high-profile public mishaps, both sober and under the influence:

-Brandon Davis and his bashing of Lindsay Lohan
-Afformentioned Mel Gibson and his tirade after his drunk and driving arrest
-Cristal Champagne’s owner and his remarks in an Economist article to which Jay-Z (rap star) took offense
-Google and CEO Eric Schmidt's PR blunder

Question here—are we, as a public bloodthirsty for these types of stories? What can one do to reverse such a downward spiral of events? Does the public really care—or is it the media who just wants to keep stirring the pot—and will it last?

meebo us

Congrats to meebo – a client of ours, who announced a pretty cool release today. This is pretty significant for meebo as well as the IM world… meebo now enables you, me or anyone with a web page, a social networking page, a commerce page, etc. to put meebo into that page and engage in real-time, no-software required IM. Also, for the page owners, you can now track who is visiting your site. You can get it here: Happy meebo me-ing. :)