Verve Wireless on the right path

Local Newspapers are adopting mobile - Forbes takes note of Verve Wireless' approach in serving this opportunity.

The Gadget Start-up

Fitbit and NewDealDesign show how the economics of starting up a gadget company are on par with starting up a software/web company.

Green Stimulus

Very proud to see my brother's project taking off and getting some green stimulus funding to recycle waste heat for powering this building project.

We won!

We are honored and happy to say that we won PR Week's Best Small Agency of the Year - and we are also runner up for Overall Agency of the Year.

MTI Micro Fuel Cell's Energy Fix on CNN

MTI Gets a fix from CNN

Why I like tech and why I am optimistic

People have a desire to connect and communicate with their friends, old, new and yet to be.
Short term – things are rough. But the more technology can deliver better ways for people to connect and communicate the more the tech industry as a whole will grow.