Putting the Public back in Public relations.

As a “PR professional” in the high tech sector I spend the majority of my time doing media outreach. But as we all know the emergence of social networks, be it simply a comment section on a web site to a full blown online community site like [insert your favorite social network example here] or the rise of conversation tools like meebo (our client) and twitter are giving people more of a voice. While some [insert name of person who still uses copy machine here] might be confused, scared or frustrated by this – it makes the job more interesting and more importantly gives me as a Public Relations “Pro” ;-) a way to interact directly with the public. And with some cool new tools, we can closely follow who is saying what about who. One of the coolest that I have seen so far (and it is still in its infancy) is YackTrack Chatter – the potential here is pretty amazing. Good Luck YackTrack.