Driver Safety

I believe that I am a pretty safe driver... at least I try to be. (except for the occasions when I am trying to steal glances of the surf on my way into work... to see what I might be missing). I try to be smart while driving and refrain from doing stupid things with mobile devices, i.e. texting, reading email. I almost always use a Hands-free headset if I am on the phone. And the voice activated dialing on my Samsung is pretty darn good (especially compared to a few years ago). But it seems that as soon as I arrive in the city and start hitting the traffic lights, I have this uncontrollable urge to reach for my BlackBerry to skim through email... especially on the days that things are really busy.

If I can save just a couple of minutes by checking email while stuck behind traffic waiting for the light to turn - it is worth it... isn’t it??

This morning I had to laugh because while skimming through email I looked up to see if the light had turned green, it did. But yet no one behind me nor the cars on either side of me had moved or honked... at further inspection – it seemed each one of us in our cars waiting at that light were trying to save a few minutes.