I must be in the 10%

I definitely don’t consider myself an uber early adopter... More of a “pragmatic early adopter” :-) But according to WSJ via this Read/Write post – I am one of the 10 percent that logged into NBCOlympics.com while watching coverage on the TV.

My take away was more around the future of Interactive TV. It seems this scenario is more of likely glimpse of the future of interactive TV.

For the most part if you are watching TV with at least one other person, this shared experience doesn’t do so well if it is an interactive experience. Just think about the fights that occur for the remote control. Sure there might be some examples (TV Game shows...) but for the most part – it is a lot easier to sit next to your couch mate with your own laptop and to peruse what is of interest to you. We still had the shared experience of watching TV together but I was able to check out more info and watch some streams without annoying my wife.
Mission accomplished.