There have been loads of events to attend these days for people in tech. It seems like every night of the week there’s something to go see. And now it’s trickling into the weekends. There was Start-up school on Saturday, The E27 event on Sunday. Am I the only one left that truly believes to be effective at work, I need at least one day a week to clear my head? I too run a start-up, but I believe in controlled growth, balance and not burning me or my co-workers out. I rarely get 2 days off, but need at least one to make sure I can get through the next week. I sincerely hope that these weekend events were an exception not a norm.

Why I still love playing soccer

I’ve been playing soccer since I was five years old. I feel so lucky that after so many years I still have an opportunity to play. Soccer season (finally!) started last night. I love this time of year. From now until August, each week I’ll get to spend time outside doing one of my favorite pastimes. Over the years though, soccer has developed into SO much more than just a hobby.

Yeah, so I know the whole team sport analogy is over played, but I don’t care. When the first whistle blows, I think about nothing except soccer and the bigger result – winning. And that’s also what the team is thinking about – all of us are working to win. There aren’t any politics, there is only a focus to achieve the end result. It’s a good lesson to take back to the office when you start getting bogged down with logistics details, day-to-day items, etc. It never hurts to take a step back and think what is the ultimate result we want? Does this move it forward and is it the best way?

Another thing I love about soccer is that while I am on the field I think about nothing else. There are very few things that enable me to block out all of the things that I have to do for work, or at home. It’s like a mind spa.

There are also the physical benefits of playing soccer. It’s great exercise and while the league is recreational, some games get a little more physical than others.

Finally, I love the team aspect. It’s fun to see how each part of the team works together and how we cheer and push each other to do our best.

So, enough of my over-played analogies. But if you are looking for me on Thursday nights, chances are I’m playing soccer.

Forget the Wallet...

I wonder when my phone will be able to start my car… That’s all I really need to make my life a bit better. Seriously, with a camera built in I can thumb through and show off pics and video of my son and with mobile commerce technologies like those from PayPal, I can use my phone to pay for things. Heck companies like Atrua have finger print recognition technologies to make the phone more secure then carrying around a wallet packed with credit cards… So – pretty soon I can forget my Costanza and just bring my phone. Which leads me to wonder and wish – when will I be able to eliminate the daily search for my keys.

Congrats to NVP

Congrats to (client) Norwest Venture Partners for closing its tenth fund – NVP X. The fund, NVP’s largest to date, will focus on disruptive technologies in the US and abroad.

Also a congrats is in order to Bob Abbott, Jeff Crowe, Vab Goel, Jim Lussier and Venkat Mohan. – the five new general partners. The team, which also includes Promod Haque and Matt Howard, is optimistic about emerging growth opportunities on a global scale.

The fund was announced yesterday.

History Lesson - Thanks to Om

Om has a fun post about what’s old is new again. Some great comments too. The only thing he left out from Mr. Money Maker’s column – Mark Cuban’s investment in Brondell. (Disclosure – Brondell is a Three-Forty client).

Cam phones and blogging

Another CTIA... this year it was in Vegas... always rough. I wanted to check out the new camera phones that are currently out or are about ready to come out (i.e. w/in the next 3 months) Right now I am really interested in the camera quality. Why... as camera phones start to improve the amount of content that will be generated for the web will increase greatly.

With a decent camera phone (2.0 – 3.0 megapixel) you can start producing a web quality picture or video clip. (in my opinion most of the camera phones under 1.3 megapixel are good for the Gee Whiz factor or sending to another mobile phone but the image is still pretty bad when it is posted on a website or even sent via email).

....and with the amount of new services that make it easy to post directly from a mobile device to your own blog or website of choice...( i.e. not needing to go back to a computer and upload the video/picture, or only being able to post the video/picture to a specific community site.) it will be easier to quickly generate content for your blog, website, etc...

Stirr Event in Palo Alto

I attended the Stirr Event in Palo Alto last night. It was a good turnout. I was in the back and my short stature didn't allow me to see all of the presentations, but I did stop by and talk to one of the presenting companies, PlaceSite. Sean Savage, PlaceSite's CEO told me about the way they were working to bridge the online and offline worlds. PlaceSite helps you determiner what's going on in the community relative to where you are. If they secure some strong partnerships, they could do some interesting things.

I guess the next Stirr Event will be held in May. The organizers may need a bigger venue, because this was packed.

The not-so-first-entry

I've been trying to evaluate which blog service was going to be the best for me and Blogger wins. So I should be posting more now.