Why I still love playing soccer

I’ve been playing soccer since I was five years old. I feel so lucky that after so many years I still have an opportunity to play. Soccer season (finally!) started last night. I love this time of year. From now until August, each week I’ll get to spend time outside doing one of my favorite pastimes. Over the years though, soccer has developed into SO much more than just a hobby.

Yeah, so I know the whole team sport analogy is over played, but I don’t care. When the first whistle blows, I think about nothing except soccer and the bigger result – winning. And that’s also what the team is thinking about – all of us are working to win. There aren’t any politics, there is only a focus to achieve the end result. It’s a good lesson to take back to the office when you start getting bogged down with logistics details, day-to-day items, etc. It never hurts to take a step back and think what is the ultimate result we want? Does this move it forward and is it the best way?

Another thing I love about soccer is that while I am on the field I think about nothing else. There are very few things that enable me to block out all of the things that I have to do for work, or at home. It’s like a mind spa.

There are also the physical benefits of playing soccer. It’s great exercise and while the league is recreational, some games get a little more physical than others.

Finally, I love the team aspect. It’s fun to see how each part of the team works together and how we cheer and push each other to do our best.

So, enough of my over-played analogies. But if you are looking for me on Thursday nights, chances are I’m playing soccer.

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supereric said...

Right there with you. Well said. I'm nursing some bruised ribs, but ready to get out there again this week and play.