Cam phones and blogging

Another CTIA... this year it was in Vegas... always rough. I wanted to check out the new camera phones that are currently out or are about ready to come out (i.e. w/in the next 3 months) Right now I am really interested in the camera quality. Why... as camera phones start to improve the amount of content that will be generated for the web will increase greatly.

With a decent camera phone (2.0 – 3.0 megapixel) you can start producing a web quality picture or video clip. (in my opinion most of the camera phones under 1.3 megapixel are good for the Gee Whiz factor or sending to another mobile phone but the image is still pretty bad when it is posted on a website or even sent via email).

....and with the amount of new services that make it easy to post directly from a mobile device to your own blog or website of choice...( i.e. not needing to go back to a computer and upload the video/picture, or only being able to post the video/picture to a specific community site.) it will be easier to quickly generate content for your blog, website, etc...

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