VideoEgg: Quality is Remembered, Cheap Prices are Long Forgotten

The writing was on the wall. VideoEgg, one of the first user generated video publisher/hosting companies is shutting down its doors of its My VideoEgg Service. The company has been pursuing the online advertising network side of its business which has shown more success.

I have been working with start-ups in the tech space for 13 years now on the PR/Marcomm side of things. And I love working with and trying out new technologies. As we know some times the up starts don’t make it. But still for me – this closing is a bummer.

Many of my first child’s first moments were captured and shared with family via VideoEgg. Over the last several months I have been using YouTube b/c it was clear that VideoEgg was probably going to shut its doors. So now I must begin the process of uploading these old videos to my new YouTube account.

A few thoughts...

Thankfully, VideoEgg is going about this the right way and giving us time to get our house in order. (May 31st). Two months will go by fast but VideoEgg is doing the right thing by communicating to its customers as early as possible.

I wonder if VideoEgg missed out. While its pursuing the advertising network side of its business. I believe people will pay for a good product or service.

While I was driving through a very very small town in Pennsylvania yesterday (I am back east visiting family) I noticed a sign on little furniture shop that we breezed by. It read “Quality is Remembered, Cheap Prices are Long Forgotten.” Yes – I understand that you need to aggregate people to a service and from there you can prove out or work out business models. But if you have a service that is of value (in this case a place where many valuable memories are being stored and shared) this is a worth a price. Not to a potential advertiser... But a price to me that I am willing to pay.

Besides backing up...some times it does makes sense to go with a leader or an established company if you are trusting it with your most important digital data. That said... without the start-ups – chances are the big guys wouldn’t think about or wouldn’t offer some of the more compelling services (be it copying or acquiring).

So thank you VideoEgg for a great service and for at least giving us the time to take care of things. And thank you to the companies that go after the big guys or are trying new things to make our lives a bit better, more easier or more enjoyable – I’ll be out here willing to give your service a try or perhaps subscribe.

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