Pragmatic Early Adopter

As mentioned earlier... I am definitely a “Pragmatic Early Adopter.” I think this keeps me honest in my views of tech and helps provide a level of perspective for clients. And being a Pragmatic Early Adopter.... I finally got an iPhone. I waited for two reasons, 1. (and probably most importantly) My contract with Verizon just expired. No reason to pay to get out of it. 2. When it launched it was obvious that they would have to come out with a new version for 3G . Even though it has Wi-Fi, I couldn’t see using it without 3G and not too mention the rumors of the new version would have GPS was worth waiting for. Too bad the camera wasn’t a tad better because with two small children I find myself shooting a lot of picture messages to the GPs and to the family blog.

As for the GPS – I am stoked to be able to use it with my client’s EveryTrail iPhone app – here is what the end product looks like.

Morning hike

Widget powered by EveryTrail: GPS Geotagging

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