All in the Name

We often get asked, “How did you come up with the name Three-Forty?” So I’ll take a minute to explain here.

We believe that the world of communicating with consumers, partners, the press, anyone for that matter, is changing. Today there many ways to reach your customers and some are more powerful than others.
So when we started to think about the communications firm we wanted to be, we knew we needed to be different and understand these new mediums, which were more effective and which were the most powerful and which were the most efficient. And of course, which mediums were/are best for our clients.

So we came up with Three-Forty. Why? Because it’s the speed of sound (at sea level).

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hmm that was an innovative way to look at the problem of Naming your company .
sometime back i asked Rick to help me Choose the right name for my start up and how you guys decided to come up with this name .

even if you come up with a perfect name . it is very much likely that some Sqatter must have booked it already . i often feel that all good Domain names and Pretty girls are already booked.

you are lucky in one of them (don't know about the other :-) )

Congratus on choosing this name and being lucky to get a domain name aailable by that name .

Good Luck